How to Solve Laptop Bag Chain Problems?

In any kind of bag, the chain or zipper is the most important part to carry all the things carefully and properly, and when it comes to a laptop bag, it becomes necessary to have a good quality zipper. But sometimes it may break or get stuck; at that time, we should have known about solving laptop bag chain problems.

Although zippers are generally dependable, occasionally they do break or become trapped. You can feel frustrated and worry that you’ll have to replace the entire thing when this occurs. However, there are numerous ways you can attempt to repair a zipper to avoid having to replace the item. You might be able to deal with a number of different zipper issues, fix broken zippers, and unstuck stuck zippers with a little effort.

When they start to show their typical problems, such as splitting, sliding open, or simply becoming stuck, zippers can become a hassle. A broken zipper of laptop bag can be fixed in a few different ways, though.

It’s possible that the zipper has become out of alignment if you discover that a zipper slider won’t move up and down or won’t close any of the zipper teeth. As zipper teeth wear down or get trapped over time, accessories like backpacks and purses will become all but useless. This manual will show you how to repair laptop bag chain problems using several tools, including a needle, thread, screwdriver, and pliers.

  1. Use laundry or bath soap
  2. Use graphite to lubricate the Zipper
  3. Apply petroleum jelly
  4. Clean or remove buildup from a zipper’s teeth
  5. Apply wax
  6. Apply nail polish
  7. Wash and lubricate the item
  8. Can laptop bag be washed in washing machine
  9. Use screwdriver to attach or fix the zip
  10. Employ pliers
  11. How to carry laptop without laptop bag?

Here is Solution for Laptop Bag Chain Problems:

1. Use Laundry or Bath Soap:-

Put a small amount of laundry soap on your broken zipper of laptop bag. You might be able to unstick the zipper using the extra amount of lubrication provided by the soap, to lubricate with washing soap. It will help to the teeth move through more easily.

Steps for Implement:

Pour a small amount of detergent, bath soap, or laundry soap into a small dish, and then pour a small amount of water into the same dish. Put some of the mixture on a cotton ball or swab. Coat the teeth with the solution using the saturated cotton ball. Place the cotton ball on the zipper and gently attempt to unzip it. It may only move a little, if this is the position, return the slider to its original position. Repeat the process until the zipper problem is solved.

2. Use Graphite to Lubricate the Zipper:-

When your zipper just won’t move, lubrication application can help. To lubricate the teeth of your zipper, try applying graphite. This is another way to fix a separated zipper by using the lead from regular graphite.

Steps for Implement:

Buy a graphite stick that is intended only for lubricating. Use a Number 2 pencil instead if you don’t have one. After that, insert the pencil as deeply as you can within the slider to rub graphite inside the wedged area of the slider. This small amount of force from a pencil lead can sometimes smooth the slider and teeth and help the hooks of the teeth snick together properly.

3. Apply Petroleum Jelly:-

In order to fix your laptop bag chain problems, you can also use petroleum jelly. To lubricate the zipper teeth and make it simpler to pry the zipper free from its jammed position, add a small amount of petroleum jelly to the stuck zipper. If the jelly is not adequately removed, it may leave a greasy mark if the zipper is attached to a fabric item.

Steps for Implement:

Apply some petroleum jelly gently to the jammed zipper using your fingers, and then move carefully up and down. But be careful about not to smear the jelly over the fabric of the clothing as it can stain some types of fabric. 

4. Clean or Remove Buildup From a Zipper’s Teeth:-

When substances are building up around the teeth of your laptop bags zipper, it can prevent the zipper from being closed. And as a result, you will need to clean the teeth and remove the things that are preventing the zipper from.

Steps for Implement:

Mix water and soap in a small dish and stir until suds form, and then dip a clean rag in the soapy water and wipe down the zipper’s teeth. After that, grab a fresh and moist rag and run it under the tap, and wipe the soapy mixture off the teeth with the damp rag. Then, attempt to zip and unzip as usual.

5. Apply Wax:-

A candle can sometimes be one of the greatest things to unstick a stuck zipper of your office laptop bag for men. Unlit candle wax can be used to lubricate stubborn zippers without a big mess.

Steps for Implement:

The process is simple: get an unlit candle, a loose taper candle, a birthday candle, or any candle that is not stuck inside a holder or glass; that will be better. Now rub it up and down on your stuck zipper’s teeth. The wax will do the work and help your zipper run smoothly once again. Or Use a paraffin bar of wax and run it over the teeth with the zipper closed. Once you have it on the zipper teeth, brush away any wax.

6. Apply Nail Polish:-

It doesn’t happen as often, but it’s possible that your zipper keeps separating again and because the teeth of the chain in your laptop bag could be worn down after lots of use. You might try applying nail polish strengthen the teeth in this situation.

Steps for Implement:

Find a shade of nail polish that matches your laptop bag’s zipper; otherwise, it may look weird or bad. Unzip the zipper and spread the teeth on a plastic bag or piece of cardboard to prevent nail polish from spreading excessively across the bag. Apply the nail polish to the teeth with caution. You want a thin layer; if you apply it thickly, it can form clumps that hinder the slider from holding the teeth in place. Apply another cautious application after allowing the first one to dry. Finally, check to see if the zipper shut.

7. Wash and Lubricate the Item:-

If graphite pencil, wax, petroleum jelly, bath soap, or laundry soap doesn’t work, you may want to wash the item and try fixing it again. Ultimately, washing the item can help get rid of grit, dirt, and other things that were making it difficult to close the zipper. Apply more lubricant after you’ve washed.

Steps for Implement:

Think about doing the item’s own washing. This will prevent the zipper from becoming clogged with stray threads, fuzz, or debris from other items.

In this situation, people are also asking about can laptop bag be washed in washing machine, so that is why we highlighted this paragraph below with the solution to this problem…

8. Can Laptop Bag be Washed in Washing Machine:-

Sometimes it happens that our laptop bags get very dirty because of long-term or rough use. At that time, it is obviously not recommended that you wash the laptop bag in the washing machine, as there is a padded compartment for the laptop and a waterproof coating on the sleeve surface, so machine washing a laptop bag has a higher risk of damaging the padding inside the bag, and the waterproof coating is easily damaged by the washing machine wash. Therefore, hand washing is the best way to wash your laptop bag.

Simply put your laptop backpack into a basin or bathtub that is already filled with lukewarm water. Gently rub the dirty areas of the bag with a sponge, soft brush, or toothbrush after adding some laundry detergent.

9. Use Screwdriver to Attach or Fix the Zip:-

If one side of your laptop zipper slider has come off the teeth, you can use a screwdriver to fix the separation. You can also try this trick if the slider and have completely detached from both sides of the teeth.

Steps for Implement:

Find a little flathead screwdriver, and then locate the bottom end of the zipper. On a garment, this is simple because the bottom is the end that is closest to your feet, but with bags and other items, the “bottom” is generally the side of the zipper that is furthest to the right as you face the zipper. Insert the pull’s wider end into the bottom stoppers. You do need to make sure you place the pull in the correct direction; otherwise, it will not slide over the teeth. The teeth will not easily slide into the pull most of the time, but you can use your little flathead screwdriver to provide leverage and help ease the teeth back into slider on each side.

10. Employ Pliers:-

If all else fails, you may need to fix the bent teeth of your laptop bag’s zipper to get it to close. To do this, your tool of interest, like pliers, to pull the tooth straight. This is another handy way to use pliers to fix a zipper that keeps separating, also used to bend crooked teeth back into place.

Steps for Implement:

Locate the zipper’s bottom end, and then get a little flathead screwdriver. This is simple to do with clothing because the bottom is the end that is closest to your feet, but with bags and other items, the “bottom” is typically the side of the zipper that is furthest to the right as you face the zipper. The pull’s broader end should be inserted into the bottom stoppers. The pull must be positioned in the proper orientation in order to pass over the teeth. Most of the time, the teeth won’t slide into the pull easily, but you can use your little flathead screwdriver as leverage to gently work the teeth back into each side’s slider. Repeat as necessary. Don’t attempt to remove the tooth from the tape. By using the zipper, and shut it to check the repair.

Otherwise, until your laptop bag chain problem is solved, if there is any urgent work and you need to go anywhere with your laptop, you can also use the tips described in this paragraph below. People are also asking for solutions on how to carry laptop without laptop bag, so we have also pointed out this problem and its solution here below…

11. How to Carry Laptop Without Laptop Bag?:-

First of all, we just want to suggest that you shouldn’t carry your laptop without a laptop bag if you don’t need to. However, if you have important business to do with your laptop outside and you simply must leave, then here are some tips that you can follow in this situation to carry a laptop without a laptop bag:

  1. Wrap your laptop in a big, clean, dry towel and secure the end. After that, find a thin blanket that has been folded in half, put it inside, close it up, and place it somewhere flat in your car. At the time of travel, it will be fine for your laptop.
  2. If you are going on a long business trip, you will undoubtedly bring your clothes with you; at that time, simply place your laptop in between the clothes in your suitcase. This is also a safe, simple, and quick solution to this problem.
  3. And if you are going on a short trip, you can usually put it in a simple backpack and carry it with you.


In this blog, we provide the information about how can you solve your laptop bag chain problems and how to carry laptop without laptop bag. This details are so useful for those who worked in office or uses laptop, laptop bags in their daily routine.

Next time you discover a separated zipper on your laptop bag, don’t panic! You can easily fix the separated teeth using pliers or a screwdriver. You can also use petroleum jelly, bath soap, laundry soap, wax nail polish, or graphite pencil lead to smooth the slider over the teeth and help them align properly. Another frequent problem with zippers that separate is a loose slider that needs to be pushed back onto the teeth. Pliers and screwdrivers will also work for this problem. If you find bent teeth on your zipper, use jeweler’s pliers to ease them back into place. So, if you’re looking for a solution to how to solve laptop bag chain problems, this is the only place to go because we’ve put together a quick list of a variety of solutions for this problem, step by step, that you’ll definitely enjoy using.